At Hammerstone Partners, we understand that in order to compete, technology firms today must staff their sales and marketing organizations with the most competitive, aggressive, and knowledgeable professionals.

We find and place sales and marketing professionals at every level. Hammerstone Partners works with global IT outsourcers, complex hosting companies, managed service companies, professional service organizations, security, software and SAAS providers. We specialize in targeting individuals with very specific skill sets. It’s not a numbers game for us, we are searching for an “A player“ all the time.

Our reputation is based on our ability to provide you the best quality personnel. Hammerstone Partners, takes a highly personalized and collaborative approach your recruiting efforts. We don’t see this as a transactional business. Rather, we focus on finding the right fit for your organization—today and into the future.

First, we learn your needs, culture, and company challenges. Then we carefully evaluate potential candidates’ skills and personalities to find the best match for the open position and your firm’s culture. This partnership approach, combined with our tremendous passion and dedication, has led to consistently outstanding results for our clients.

To your Success!

Perfect For All

We research and scout your competition and other relevant industry segments to give you the highest caliber of “A player“ candidates to choose from.

• We qualify/Interview all candidates. We give you the cream of the crop.

• We conduct detailed and targeted searches based on industry segment and geography.

• Time is money. We deliver quickly. Locate and attract the best professionals nationally.

• We focus on technology sales/sales management/sales support/ marketing professionals.

• We provide contingency or retained based service.

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100% Responsive

Derived from your preliminary research, we will provide detailed information on candidates based on your specific industry selections.

• Locate and attract the best executives nationally

• Detailed & targeted Searches based on Industry Segment and Geography

• Contingency-based service

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Powerful Framework

This service is for businesses that need help managing their overall hiring strategy, including recruiters (on a national scale), job boards, advertisements, and web listings. Hammerstone Partners will manage and coordinate this process on a daily basis, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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